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World of Tanks is a tank based MMO that is free to play and has recently been improved. The graphics of this game have been updated and a few things have been added such as smoke and a red blast emitting from the end of your tank’s gun when you fire.

For players that love tanks, then there isn’t a better game out there for you then World of Tanks. As its name implies, it is entirely about tanks. World of Tanks is almost entirely PvP based so you will spend most of your time fighting other player’s tanks and proving that you truly have the more powerful tank.

There are various types of tanks you can choose from, but since there are so many you will have to play the game yourself to go through all the different selections you can choose from.

The downside to this game is it does not have a lot of players, so the matchmaker system is a little messed up and beginners can easily be pinned up against an experienced professional.

While this can be extremely funny for older players, new players will struggle in the beginning and will start to lose interest after losing so often.

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