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WildStar is a science fiction MMORPG being developed by Carbine Studios and NCsoft. The game has recently started its testing phases, and a release is planned during 2012. Developers haven’t announced the game’s plan as far as pricing goes yet.

The game will feature cartoon-style graphics in a science fiction sandbox setting that seems stylistically steam punk. The storyline matches this style and focuses on a recently-discovered planet brimming with magical ruins, mechanical foes and deep forests to explore. Exploration seems one of the key features in WildStar, and along this same note, the game’s developers are doing something unique.

Players will be able to choose one of four Paths in WildStar: Soldier, Explorer, Scientist or Settler. These Paths almost act like classes, except they dictate the character’s entire journey. Paths are basically the player’s preferred game style.

If a player generally finds themselves killing before asking questions, Soldier might be a good fit. If a player loves to explore every nook and cranny of a world, Explorer is for them. Scientist is well-suited for players who are completionists, and Settlers are for social gamers. These Paths will then create a guideline to which quests open up for the player.

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