Vanguard goes free to play


Vanguard goes free to play

Published on: August 16, 2012 at 11:00
Updated on: Aug 16, 2012 at 14:58
By TJSonntag

Publisher page:

Is anyone even playing Vanguard? When the game released, it wouldn’t even run on most rigs. Now, however, Sony Online Entertainment has decided to remove the monthly subscription fee from the game and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will join EverQuest I & II, DC Universe Online and Free Realms in the FTP section.

Vanguard will of course offer a Gold account that removes the restrictions on classes, races and levels for only $14.99 USD perĀ  month. The free account option will force players to make some choices based on which characters have the most content available to them.

You can get all the details on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes at the game’s official website. Once you’re signed up for an account, you’ll be directed to a download page so you can start the client software installation process.

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