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The Secret World is Funcom’s latest MMO, currently still in development. The game is projected for release some time during 2012. It is currently undergoing beta testing. The game will most likely be pay-to-play and subscription-based, at least for the launch. It will most likely belong to the horror MMO genre.

Limited amounts of information about the game has been released so far. The Secret World is attempting to take an extremely wide turn away from other MMOs on the market. It is promising a game with no levels, no character classes and a story-driven game experience unlike any other. The setting for the game is modern-day Earth, in a world where vampires, werewolves and demons fight against humans on a daily basis. The world is dark and bleak.

Among the darkness, three secret societies develop: Dragon, Illuminati and Templars. Each player must choose a secret society for their character. The societies will serve as the premise for the different storylines and quests each player receives. Skills will be bought instead of obtained through levels.

Combat in The Secret World seems very realistic and the graphics look impressive. Keep a close eye on this game as it’s finished being developed.

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