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The Secret World Issue #3: The Cat God

The Secret World Issue #3: The Cat God

Published on: Oct 4, 2012 at 17:41
Updated on: Oct 8, 2012 at 12:09
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

Issue #3 brings only one investigation mission, but it’s a winner. Called “The Binding,” it begins with Huoy in City of the Sun God. As with all articles concerning TSW’s investigation missions, this one includes numerous spoilers. If you’re stuck, or just prefer to have a guide to follow along with, read on and we’ll solve this mystery together.

Let’s go ahead and visit Huoy to meet the Unusual Visitor. After watching the cinematic, click the Falcon outside Huoy’s temple and listen to his speech. The long and short of it is, we’ll need to visit each god and chart their sightlines across out map. Beginning from Huoy, put your back against his statue so you’re looking in the same direction. Hit “M” and mark a waypoint at the farthest edge of the map in the direction your indicator arrow is pointing. I put mine at 142.983.

Now let’s move on to Nefertari. After lining up with the statue, my waypoint went at 981.788. The trajectories of these two gods don’t cross, so we’ll have to move on to the next. Remember, the Falcon said we would find the burials where “the sights of the gods are crossed.” Working clockwise, Thutmose is the next god to visit. Remember, City of the Sun God is much like a maze, and you’ll want to trace your path there on the map before you head out blindly. You can also use the Resurrection Points to your advantage in certain areas.

Thutmose’s marker lands at 960.89, or thereabouts. Ah, this trajectory crosses Nefertari’s at about 662.842. Let’s run there and see if our hunch was right. Lo and behold, we’ve discovered a Pommel. It wasn’t buried at all, but we did have to kill two minions to get to it. Moutemouia is our next stop. This one is right next to the Coiled Spring Rez Point, so use it. Moutemouia is looking toward 867.19, but his trajectory isn’t intersecting anyone else’s yet. Move on to Hemitneter at the Rez Point “Stretch of the Lioness. ”

Hemitneter gazes up toward 6.786. Moutnefert, just across the stone bridge, looks at 1.442. Aha! Another intersection, this time with Hemitneter at about 30.445. Before we go check it out, however, let’s see what Nefertari the Younger is looking at. It’s a spot just to the north of the last intersection, also in Moutnefert’s sight. Pick up the Head at 55.467 and then the Lower Staff at 53.438. The Upper Staff piece can be found at 75.953, in the intersection of Huoy and Hemitneter, and the Middle Staff piece is at 710.309, at the intersection of Thutmose and Aten’s gazes. Now you’ll get a mission update, directing you to recreate the Staff of Amun.

Place the pieces of the staff in your crafting window, from left to right, Pommel, Lower, Middle, Upper, Head. Click the Assemble button. You mission will update, telling you now to use the staff. Hovering a cursor over the reassembled staff tells you that it will impart wisdom when “used in the right place. ” Let’s try using it now to see if we get any hints. Yes! The quest updates, and a voice gives you a rather obvious clue on how to find your next way point. It will be the intersection of all the locations where the staff pieces were found!

I held two pieces of paper over my computer screen at the Map to find the intersection 370.664. The easiest way to find your goal is to rez at Vulture’s Pass and then head southwest. Run into the cave that’s clearly in your path and your mission log will update. Use the staff once more for a cinematic that’s just full of intrigue and helpful clues. Near the end of it, Hemitneter’s eyes will light up. Sure enough, the mission log now says to speak to her. Expect to listen to lots of sibling bickering before you’re finally allowed to “uncover the means stored in Hemitneter’s monument.

Ah, a hollow spear. Well, that clears things up. Wait, it doesn’t? Well, we can’t use, drop or place the spear in the crafting window, so how about we try to disassemble it? Doing so will place a scroll in your inventory. Make sure you screenshot the image, just in case it’s not available later from the mission log. Now you need to unlock the “western portion of the pyramid.” Heading straight there will take you through Lair territory, so resurrect at Coiled Springs instead.

Okay, there doesn’t appear to be any way to get to where we need from the outside, does there? Use the rocky outcroppings to get as far up the side of the pyramid as you can, and then run back and forth, angling ever upward as you go. You’ll eventually reach the ledge. The door is locked, so refer back to the image and then find the correct hieroglyph along the western wall. Now we can step inside!

Note the fresco to your right. It depicts the “birth of a Prince” while the father looks on happily. Your mission log updates, telling you to go unlock the southern portion now. Don’t jump down when you get back outside! Instead, just run along the wall toward the southern face to arrive at another ledge. Use the correct hieroglyph and step inside. This time the fresco depicts the formation of the Marya. Now head back out and around to the eastern face.

This time, there is no hieroglyph that exactly matches. Pick the one the matches the closest and head inside to find a fresco depicting “a father’s sacrifice.” The six children look on. Doesn’t that priest look like he’s having too good of a time?

We’ve got one last door to unlock but there aren’t any that match the first part of the sequence! After some fumbling, we found that the hieroglyph containing four humps and then two lines opened a door. It’s actually a stone inside the entry way that when clicked, will move to reveal the secret chamber. In we go — accept the teleport into the Pinnacle.

View the fresco to see the lineage of Akhenaten. Go pick up the three busts and use in the same order as those in the fresco; Ak, Nef, Tut. Check the fresco again to see the “victory of the high priest.” When you turn around, you notice that a golden ram-headed sphinx is now on one of the pedestals. Grab it! Head back to Ptahmose via The Remains, and enjoy your cut scene!

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