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The Secret World: Crafting Weapons and Talismans

The Secret World: Crafting Weapons and Talismans

Published on: Nov 14, 2012 at 15:36
Updated on: Nov 14, 2012 at 15:44
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

The crafting system in The Secret World isn’t exactly intuitive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of this method to keep yourself in appropriate talismans. You can also use the crafting system to create new weapons for yourself, allowing you to try out new specs and builds whenever you like.

All about mats

The first step to creating items in The Secret World is to procure the necessary materials. For weapons, that means metal. You can buy this metal in the auction house, but you can also easily make the metal by breaking down old weapons you don’t want or need.

Hit the Y key to open your crafting window. Drag and drop an unwanted weapon into the slot labeled “disassemble.” Before you click the relevant button, note the pattern that the metals will make in the crafting window. That’s the pattern you’ll need to recreate in order to make another weapon of this same type. If your weapon will also yield runes, don’t worry about where they are in the assembly window. You’ll add runes to your weapon in a different manner.

Metal and the elemental crafting components come in increasing degrees of quality, and the toolkits you find all require a particular degree.

  • Base metal and elemental components: no toolkits, these must be upgraded
  • Imperfect: QL 1-3 toolkits
  • Metal, Fire, Water, Dust; no prefix (referred to in-game as “Normal” quality: QL 4-6 toolkits
  • Sacred: QL 7-9
  • Pure: QL 10

You can upgrade your materials by placing 5 pieces in the crafting window and pressing the “assemble” button. Five Base Metals will upgrade to one Imperfect; five Imperfect Metals will upgrade to one Metal, and so on.

Disassembling talismans and potions will provide you with the Air, Water and Fire materials. These follow the same qualities as metal and use Talisman Toolkits of the same levels.

  • Dust: Healing talismans
  • Fire: DPS talismans
  • Water: Tanking talismans

Weapon patterns

Place the appropriate type of metal in the crafting window, using the patterns below as a guide. Once you have them in valid order, the window for the toolkit will highlight. Place a toolkit of the proper QL for your metal in the window. The weapon you are about to create will be shown at the bottom of the crafting window. If you’re about to get a shotgun instead of the assault rifle you intended to make, move your metals to the appropriate positions and check again.


Talisman patterns

Just like when you made a weapon, place your elemental material in the appropriate pattern to create one of the seven different talismans.


The material you use will determine whether your talisman offers significantly more health (Water – Tanking), some Heal Rating (Dust – Healing) or relatively equal amounts of health and Attack Rating (Fire – DPS).


You can also use your elemental materials to create various potions for your use. Purchase Consumable toolkits from the Council of Venice vendors located in each zone, and use them along with the appropriate elemental material and the pattern shown below:


  • Dust: Energy Drink / Healing
  • Fire: Energy Drink / Leech effect
  • Water: Energy Drink / HoT effect
  • Metal: Energy Drink / Barrier effect


Runes can be crated into Glyphs, which are then applied to your weapons and talismans. You can create a Glyph with only one type of Rune, or you can mix two types together. You cannot mix more than two types of Rune in one Glyph. The Glyph crafting pattern is simply a diamond shape of four Runes.

Runes also come in the same qualities as other crafting materials and you can upgrade five of one quality to make one Rune of the next higher quality.

Glyphs can be offensive or defensive; you cannot mix the two different types in one Glyph.


  • Denkyem: Crit Power Rating
  • Lu: Crit Rating
  • Trinity: Penetration Rating
  • Wheel: Hit Rating


  • Earth: Block Rating
  • Koru: Physical Protection Rating
  • Pentagram: Magical Protection Rating
  • Wedjat: Defense Rating
  • Yggradsil: Evade Rating

Now that you know how to upgrade your materials and make your own weapons, talismans, runes and potions, head out to a low-level zone and farm up some materials. Break down all the weapons and talismans you find, and see what you can create.

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