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The Secret World Announces “Destroy a Dev Wednesday!”

The Secret World Announces “Destroy a Dev Wednesday!”

Published on: Nov 6, 2012 at 14:56
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

Have you ever wanted to see The Secret World’s newest content, even before it goes live on public servers? Do you have a burning desire to dominate one of the developers at his own game, especially in PvP? If so, we have news for you!

According to a post on The Secret World’s official community forums by Morteia, all current game subscribers are invited to join the devs on the Testlive server tomorrow, November 7, where they’ll be trying out the new and improved Fusang Projects PvP battleground.

A few things you need to be aware of:

  • Your new character must reach the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth in order to gain access to PvP
  • Testing time is November 7, 2012, at 21 GMT, 5PM EST and 2PM PST (those are all at precisely the same moment)
  • You’ll need to follow the directions to get onto the Testlive server
  • You’ll also want access to the TestLive Server Forums

So far, the testing patch notes include huge changes to the Fusang Projects battleground — it’s been merged into battlegroups! Group A includes the Cerberus, Arcadia and Leviathan dimensions, Group B hold Drac and Kobold, and Group C is comprised of Daemon, Grim and Huldra dimensions.

The updates to Fusang also include three major changes: a tick-based reward scheme, a new special mission available to the underdog faction, and new PvP vendors inside Fusang that you can use to upgrade your custodians and turrets.

That tick-based reward system means that every three minutes, everyone in Fusang will get marks based on the number of objectives currently held. Right now, 63 white marks are rewarded for an outer facility, 126 white marks for a center facility, and 7 marks for each anima well. We will finally be able to turn a number of White Marks of Venice into Black Marks, allowing those players who struggle in PvP access to the vendor items. This will be done at any PvP vendor in The Secret World, and as of this writing, the conversion will be 100 White = 1 Black. The bad news is that all White Marks will be wiped with patch 1.4.

The developers are also tweaking the mini game queuing options. Increasing Black Marks of Venice in Fusang led to a drop of the other games, so the developers are taking a different approach. First, they’re changing the matchmaking system and players will need to start building up their records again for more accurate skill-matching. Second, rewards for mini games have increased to be more in line with Fusang rewards. Finally, as of Patch 1.4, we’ll have access to 10.4 PvP gear.

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