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One of the most anticipated games of all time, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a space-fantasy MMORPG set in the familiar “Star Wars” universe. BioWare, the game’s developer, had a smash hit on their hands with the solo-play game Knights of the Old Republic and expect to bring that game’s depth and sophistication to the massively multiplayer scene in late 2011 or early 2012. No definitive release date exists, but the game is in closed beta as of April 2011.

The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire represent Star Wars: The Old Republic’s two faction choices. However, BioWare promises that class mechanics will be more fluid than the traditional roles of tank, healer, and damage-dealer that other MMORPGs use. Full-voice dialogue throughout the game will make the experience more immersive, while spell effects and environments already look dazzling even in the available trailers.

Fans of the “Star Wars” films and of the Knights of the Old Republic games will recognize familiar settings such as Coruscant, Hoth, and Tattooine. BioWare has confirmed eight classes. Each class will develop not only in skill, but also according to the ethical choices that the player makes with his or her character. Although SW:TOR fans are eagerly awaiting the game, these exciting developments make them hopeful that it will be worth the wait.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has no pricing information yet, but it will likely be based on paid subscriptions.

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