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In Cryptic Studios’ futuristic MMORPG Star Trek Online, players can boldly go wherever they please within the venerable Star Trek universe. The space-faring game opened in February of 2010 to a built-in audience of fans of the various “Star Trek” television series and movies. Any game set in the Star Trek universe has a good deal of background material with which to work; Cryptic Studios has made the most of this rich mine of information and has turned out a polished MMORPG.

Players get to captain their own starships and have an NPC crew of officers. Captains can be any of the traditional Star Trek races such as human, Vulcan, or Bajoran; some races are available only when a player unlocks them via microtransactions. Players can also create their own unique race if they choose.

The game features both space combat and surface combat for away teams. Through combat and questing, captains can level not only themselves, but their starship crew. An elite crew with skilled officers gives a ship more capabilities, so it’s well worth investing in the crew’s skills as well as the captain’s. In a tribute to the original <I>Enterprise</I>’s mission to “explore strange new worlds,” players can find unexplored stellar systems and be rewarded for their discoveries.

Star Trek Online contains plenty of gameplay at the monthly subscription fee, but microtransactions allow players to customize their gameplay more thoroughly.

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