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Sevencore is a free-to-play MMORPG currently in development by Noria. The game will be published by gPotato. It will begin beta testing in Europe during 2012, and a release is planned during the same year.

The world of Sevencore features elements of both science fiction and fantasy, and one of the game’s strongest features seems to be its rich storyline and post-apocalyptic setting. Players will be able to directly control their storyline with the choices they make and the cultural beliefs their character follows. In this sense, the game’s story is customizable and tailored to each player.

Character models will also be extremely customizable in Sevencore. Not only will players be able to customize their characters, but their characters’ mounts as well. Mounted combat and aerial mounted combat are among the game’s promised features. Players will be able to ride both creature mounts and mechanical mounts. The game also promises multiple classes, PvP combat, quests, dungeons, raids, extensive community features and an involved companion system.

The art style of Sevencore is unique because it mixes science fiction and fantasy elements together. The style is both realistic and bold. Combat in Sevencore seems fast-paced and full of unique spells and abilities.

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