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Saving The Secret World With a New Revenue Model

Saving The Secret World With a New Revenue Model

Published on: Dec 12, 2012 at 16:35
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

While Funcom released their latest conspiracy theory-themed MMO with a $14.99 USD monthly fee, they have since decided to pursue a different avenue in terms of a revenue model for The Secret World. Effective immediately — like, as in right now — you no longer need to pay a subscription fee to access The Secret World. You’ll still need to pay the approximately $25 USD retail box fee to buy the game, but after that you can roam all of the real-world locations without paying another cent.

All those gamers who pick up the MMO before the end of 2012 will also get all five Issues full of content released since the game went live back in July. Issue #5, The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, is expected sometime this month. Future Issues will be released “periodically,” and will work like purchasable DLC for the game. The developers will still be releasing patches of free content on the regular with “updates and enhancements to the core game.”

Of course, you can still choose a paid membership, if you like. Doing so will get you an XP-boosting item, $10 worth of Bonus points each month, a special monthly gift item to be determined and 10 percent off everything you buy in the in-game store. If you bought the Grandmaster Pack at launch, or decide to splurge on it now, you’ll get all of that and an additional 10 percent off cash shop items.

Speaking of the cash shop, there are tons of new items available there including run speed upgrades, clothes, pets and even Ability Points boosting potions.

Also new in the game as of today is Update 1.5. This patch brings another new auxiliary weapon, the Quantum Brace, although the mission to obtain the weapon hasn’t been enabled yet. We’ll see that once Issue #5 goes live. This update also brings a couple of “quality of life” changes, including separate hats and outfits for those previously labeled as “multislot” and — best of all — repeatable Investigation Missions! We’ve only been asking for that since Beta. Finally, this update squashes a ton of bugs and fixes numerous graphical and game play issues.

Now that we’re all up to speed on the changes, let’s move on to the editorial, shall we?

I’m excited about this change. The Secret World is an amazing game, of that I’m sure, but even I was finding it difficult to justify a monthly subscription fee with the amount of content currently available in the game. Because the leveling system, skills, abilities and weapons systems mean that you never need to roll an alt, the replayability of the game suffered. With only three real adventuring zones — New England, Egypt and Transylvania — most players ran out of missions quite early in the game’s lifespan. If you’re not a fan of grinding progressively more difficult dungeons, raiding or PvP, you’ll quickly tire of what The Secret World has to offer.

However, it does have the absolute best questing of any MMO I’ve ever played, and I’ve played quite a few. The atmosphere, voice acting, mission design and deep story line of The Secret World kept my $14.99 coming in each month. I’m glad to hear that doesn’t have to be the case any longer, and The Secret World can become a game I play now and again, as each Issue releases, rather than every day. I can also feel much better about encouraging my friends to try it out, and know that I can drop in and help them whenever I choose to do so.


Source: The Secret World’s Sub Changes FAQ

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