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S4 League is a third person online game that focuses exclusively on player versus player combat. Although there are many types of weapons, it is primarily a shooting game with a few melee weapons thrown in. It is free to play, but you can purchase in-game cash with real life money in order to buy better weapons, skills and upgrades.

One of the first things you notice about the S4 League game is how much effort was put into making it very graphically unique and stylish. The game music is immersive and fast paced, which matches the game play. It is primarily anime themed and once you are in the game there is a fair amount of customization available for your character in the way of clothes and colors.

Game play is almost exclusively arena based. Two teams can compete in several different modes of play. Deathmatch is your basic last man standing mode, while Touchdown resembles capture the flag. Chaser is a more unique S4 League game mode where players must avoid a single super powerful player.

There are also a couple of single player modes, mostly practice and tutorials for weapons and skills.

There are a wide variety of weapons and armors available in the game, most requiring a license to use which expires after a certain number of hours or days. After that, you need to earn or purchase that license again.

Overall, S4 League is a very entertaining game for anyone who likes fast paced, action packed game play with a simple and easy to learn system.

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