Runes of Magic celebrates 2 years of online play


Runes of Magic celebrates 2 years of online play

Published on: March 15, 2011 at 16:01
By TJSonntag

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Runes of Magic has some great plans for its 2nd Anniversary event, going on this week. Every player who logs in this week will get some cool items and have the chance to win a rare mount. In addition, several new challenges have been incorporated into the game play for prizes and other rewards. Screenshots of the action that are posted to Facebook are also eligible to win prizes like a Logitech wireless gaming mouse, and community team members will be logging in and playing alongside regular gamers. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Get the details at Runes of Magic’s official¬†website.

The free-to-play MMO developed and published by Frogster has been going strong since its release, and is now in Chapter III of added content. With PvP, crafting, and the legendary¬†“dual-class” system, Runes of Magic has become one of the most popular of its kind among MMORPGs. If you love dungeon-exploration,stalking players of the opposing faction and questing for gear and weapons, you need to try Runes of Magic.


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