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Trion Worlds’ massively multiplayer fantasy RPG, Rift Online, opened to players in early March of 2011. Since then, the game’s strong crafting system and streamlined leveling process has drawn approval from critics and players alike. Rift Online for the PC is downloadable or purchasable at major game and electronics stores. The first month of gameplay is free; after the trial period, players must buy a Rift Online game card or use a credit card for their subscription.

Regulos, the lord of death, has opened rifts to the once-peaceful world of Telara. The Guardians and the Defiant fight against Regulos; these two forces make up the two major factions that players can choose once the game begins in earnest from the initial background story and tutorial. Players must work together to close these elemental rifts or suffer the consequences of being too close to this dangerous force.

Rift Online features four basic classes that later branch out into multiple trees. These soul trees have different levels themselves: roots, or base abilities, and branches, traits that enhance specific spells or abilities. The leveling system distinguishes Rift Online from the more linear progress systems found in many other games. Players can also switch between roles, allowing for flexible and varied gameplay.

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