Rift announces new soul for Storm Legion expac


Rift announces new soul for Storm Legion expac

Published on: August 13, 2012 at 20:00
Updated on: Aug 14, 2012 at 15:19
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The team at Trion Worlds has announced the first of the new souls that will be introduced in the game with the Storm Legion expansion. The Harbinger will be a Mage soul that focuses on Air and Life energy along with — oddly enough — a melee combat style with summoned mystical blades.

The Harbinger also feels a little like a Rogue with her ability to affect invisibility and avoid incoming attacks. She can also invoke some self-healing and absorb the incoming damage from her foes. You can get all the details on the Harbinger class on the official Rift game website.

Rift released in March 2011 and is planning on introducing the Storm Legion expansion this coming fall. Rift offers a “lite” version with free play up to level 20, along with a seven day trial period.

Its primary draw for MMO players is its detailed fantasy universe and unique soul attunement system of selecting character classes. Each character picks a “calling” upon creation and can then select three of the eight available PvE souls to attune.

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