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This MMO was added on: Aug 20, 2012

RaiderZ is a free-to-play MMORPG currently in development by Maiet Entertainment. It will be published by Perfect World Entertainment sometime during the year 2012. The game will enter closed beta starting early in the year.

In RaiderZ, players don’t choose a class. Rather, they choose a set of skills and abilities and make their own unique character. There are three trees of skills and abilities to choose from, and the potential for unique combinations is almost unlimited.

Combat in RaiderZ is unique for the genre. The game is similar to the popular Japanese Monster Hunter franchise, and the combat is no exception. All of the actions in the game are based on real physics, and players are even able to use elements of the environment to protect them on the battlefield. They can wield their opponent’s weapon, and tear off pieces of a defeated mob to use for crafting.

The combat in RaiderZ is also difficult in comparison to many current MMOs. Group play is encouraged for most serious fights, and the game’s emphasis seems to be on dungeon and raid content. Teamwork will be important in RaiderZ, and a well-coordinated group might be able to accomplish quite a bit.

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