RaiderZ Gets Open Beta Date


RaiderZ Gets Open Beta Date

Published on: October 19, 2012 at 18:46
By TJSonntag




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The open beta testing phase for RaiderZ in Europe and the United States has finally been announced, as of October 24 you’ll be able to get into the game and start adventuring through Perfect World Entertainment’s newest game universe.

Some pretty fun and impressive stats have come out of the closed beta tests, including:

  • 70,896 characters created
  • 57% of which were male
  • 33% were Berserkers
  • Only 18% were Clerics and only 20% were Defenders
  • 527,086 Monsters killed, including more than 40k kills of queen Teresis
  • 2,756,371 quests completed
  • 72 players hit the level cap
  • Total playtime of all characters was nearly 40 years

Head over to the official RaiderZ website and sign up for your own free to play account.

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