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If going by the track record of past MMOs is fair to judge by, the home planets of digital denizens never get a moments peace. Whether players must defend their world from hording monstrosities, or an evil ready to rip the earth into, it seems immediate danger is always lurking around the corner.

In Flagship Studio’s Mythos Online game, players are once again called to the task. This time, the lush fantasy world of Uld teeters between a devastating dark age and a bright new era. Besides the expected Human option, MMO fans will enjoy a switch in line-up when it comes to race selection. Player’s can also choose to play as a Cyclops, Satyr or Gremlin, all unusual options.

The selection of classes at this time however, are small in comparison to other MMOs. Players may choose between a warrior Bloodletter, a mage Pyromancer or the technical Gadgeteer. In terms of gameplay, Mythos Online is similar to RPG hits such as Diablo and Torchlight. Terrain, enemies and player characters are all rendered in a clean, if not stylized, form, making the game both appealing to the eye, yet playable on lower-end gaming rigs. Mythos Online is currently in the closed beta testing phase.

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