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Mortal Online is a 3D free to play MMO released by Star Vault back in 2010. The game play is very similar to the Elder Scroll series in many ways, the first being your point of view. Y

ou see through your characters eyes, the only part of you that you can see is your weapon that you are holding out in front of yourself. The second part of the game that is similar to the Elder Scrolls is the leveling system.

Instead of gaining levels by endlessly grinding or completing quests, you gain skills that level up as you use them. This is a fascinating way to become more powerful in the game, especially since MMOs don;t typically take this route.

You have several stats in the game which include stamina, mana, and how much you can carry. While having a carrying max can be annoying, it definitely makes the game more realistic.

Something else that this game does that is interesting is there are absolutely no quests. The NPCs in the game don’t give you quests, their only purpose is to trade or be murdered. It will be interesting to see how this game plays out, but players will probably swarm to Mortal Online once they start hearing about it.

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