More information on Rift’s Conquest PvP system

More information on Rift’s Conquest PvP system

Published on: May 19, 2012 at 17:00
Updated on: May 19, 2012 at 16:51
By TJSonntag | Get more infos about MMORPG Rift

Rift’s patch 1.9, now live on the Public Test Shard, shows off what the new PvP system Conquest will bring to the game. Like the existing PvP Warfronts, Conquest is cross-server. It is also rather like the Mercenary system employed on imbalanced servers, where your home faction — Guardians or Defiants — doesn’t really have much to do with which side of the fence you end up on.

The coolest part of this feature is that players will have to select from one of three teams: Dominion, Oathsworn and Nightfall. Conquest will have its own currency, unimaginatively called “Conquest Points,” and these are used to unlock passive skills. You’ll be able to increase your mounted movement speed, boost the rate at which you gain Favor in PvP, and bump up your Attack Power, Health, and Vengeance stats.

Get started with Conquest by seeking out the NPC in either Meridian or Sanctum; he should be near the other PvP vendors. To get into a Conquest match, press the “K” button and look at the bottom of the pop-up lists. There you’ll see the option for Conquest, below the Warfronts. This is also where you’ll check your status and accumulated Conquest Points, by the way.

Once you enter the Conquest match, check your map and note the different types of icons. Circles are Conquest Extractors; destroy these and then cap them to give your team ownership of the node. Triangles represent capturable nodes that will teleport you to different locations. This helps your team move around the battlefield map.

At your spawn point, just inside the Conquest map, you’ll find a crafting station. This is helpful for turning those Empowered Sources you’ll be looting into buffing items. The type of buffing item you can make depends on your character’s crafting skills. For example, Armorsmiths and Outfitters can make items that will increase your maximum health and decrease the damage you take, while Artificers make an item that will increase the damage you deal. Make sure your crafting skill is at least level 210 before you enter a Conquest battle, or you won’t be able to pick up the patterns required.

Winning a Conquest battle is a bit more complicated than your typical Warfront, if only because you’ve got two other teams to beat. Your team can win by scoring the most kills, but the maximum kills over the entire Conquest is 5,000. That can take a while. You’re probably better off going for a strategic win by capturing and holding at least 40 percent of the extractors on the map for 10 minutes.

Looking for even more details on Rift’s new Conquest PvP system? Check out the official Trion Worlds community forums here.

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