Monthly content updates for The Secret World


Monthly content updates for The Secret World

Published on: July 13, 2012 at 20:00
Updated on: Jul 12, 2012 at 14:21
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All those MMO veterans who have been scoffing at Funcom’s newest Secret Society title may soon be eating their hats. According to a press release from Ragnar Tornquist, the Senior Producer and Creative Director, The Secret World will be offering monthly content patches to keep players from running out of things to do.

While The Secret World is an MMO based around the telling of a story, it also has plenty of PvP and instanced “dungeons” for players to dominate. However, once a player reaches the end of the story line and grows tired of the same old battlefields, what’s left to do?

These new content update patches will solve that issue for the fledgling MMO nicely. Each will include new investigation missions, weapons, raids, expanded character customization, new PvP instances, seasonal events, mission areas and social content in the headquarter city hubs.

Funcom is also planning on enhancing the combat visuals and mechanics “significantly,” so those who held that complaint will soon need to find another. The Secret World offers a totally unique MMO game play including well-acted cut scenes, memorable characters, a horror-themed storyline, and a weapon and skill system that lets you play what you want , how you want, whenever you want.

Tired of slinging lightning? Put your next few skill and ability points into the Assault Rifle tree, and you can have a totally new build.

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