The Secret World

  • The Secret World

    The Secret World: Post-FTP

    The Secret World, Funcom's second large-scale MMO, launched last summer with very little press or hype. With its real world setting—including locations in the...

    Added on: 11 January, 2013

  • The Secret World

    Issue #5 and The Secret World ARG

    Content update patch Issue #5: The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is now live in The Secret World, and you can expect all the usual updates with this content pa...

    Added on: 19 December, 2012

  • The Secret World

    Saving The Secret World With a New Revenue Model

    While Funcom released their latest conspiracy theory-themed MMO with a $14.99 USD monthly fee, they have since decided to pursue a different avenue in terms of ...

    Added on: 12 December, 2012

  • The Secret World

    Tanking with Chaos and Blade in The Secret World

    In this week's build article, we'll talk about how to put together an easy tanking build in The Secret World that will grow along with your character, eventuall...

    Added on: 7 December, 2012

  • The Secret World

    The Secret World: Finally, Something for Everyone?

    When The Secret World first launched back in July 2012, it spawned a rather large divide in the MMO gaming community. Some thought that the combat was lacking, ...

    Added on: 29 November, 2012

  • The Secret World

    The Secret World: Crafting Weapons and Talismans

    The crafting system in The Secret World isn't exactly intuitive, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of this method to keep yourself in appropria...

    Added on: 14 November, 2012

  • The Secret World

    The Secret World Announces “Destroy a Dev Wednesday!”

    Have you ever wanted to see The Secret World's newest content, even before it goes live on public servers? Do you have a burning desire to dominate one of the d...

    Added on: 6 November, 2012

  • The Secret World

    Crossing the Black Path in The Secret World

    So when we left off, we had just finished The Mewling and received a new mission: Crossing the Black Path. Our objective is to find a way to get Siabhra's Air, ...

    Added on: 26 October, 2012

  • The Secret World

    Halloween World Event in The Secret World

    Ready to get your ghoul on in The Secret World? Stop by Madame Roget's in Kingsmouth Town, even if you don' t get the phone call from her. She'll tell you what ...

    Added on: 19 October, 2012

  • The Secret World

    Early Healing Build for The Secret World

    One serious issue with The Secret World is its class imbalance. What I mean by that is that with only a few abilities to taunt and add hate, any build can tank....

    Added on: 13 October, 2012

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