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Mojang developed this game several years ago, yet it has kept players interested and playing because of how unique this game is compared to other games currently out on the market.

It is a block-based game, which seems very basic, but can actually get pretty complex. You may start out by just having to punch a tree to gather wood, but for advanced players this game gets difficult really fast.

For example, you need to dig into the ground to search for diamonds so that you can make a diamond pickaxe, which you use to mine obsidian, which you use to open a portal to hell, which you need to get an ingredient for your potion.

This keeps players interested and challenged, and offers a fun way to get rare items rather than having to farm the same thing for hours on end.

Minecraft can also be played with other people, offering a multiplayer experience. It is more fun to build up your house and property when you can share with someone the fruits of your labor. Show off all your hard work and impress your friends by inviting them to come and visit your home!

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