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RoCWorks released Maestia as a free to play MMO, which is why so many players have tried out this game. For those that have tried it, they will agree that Maestia is a great MMO with a fantastic storyline.

There are two factions you can play as, either the Superion Guardians or the Temple Knights. Along with these two factions, you have four classes you can choose from when creating your character.

You can be a Warrior, mage, ranger, or cleric. While there are not very many classes to choose from, there are Divinity points you can put into your character to make it unique from other players who are the same class as you.

The downside to Divinity points is the fact that there is no limit to how many you can have, so the “basement version” players will be able to become extremely overpowered messing up PvP and making it unbalanced.

Maestia has both PvP and Pve, like most MMOs. However, it also has GvG, which is guild versus guild. Most MMOs do not have this feature, so it adds a little uniqueness to Maestia and gives it something to separate it from being just another MMO.

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