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In Loong – The Power of the Dragon, MMORPG fantasy game players will get lost in the ancient cities of China as they travel through nine regions created by the god Pangu in search of the legendary dragons who once ruled the earth. The free online game, which offers stunning visuals, is rooted in Chinese history and mythology, guiding players on nearly 1,000 quests to discover why wars happen.

Released in 2010, the 3D Fantasy, Windows-based Loong game allows players to engage in epic battles with up to 500 other gamers or in a player-versus-environment setting. Players will learn ancient Chinese martial arts techniques in order to tame a dragon. Up to 50 mythological Chinese creatures can be created as pets, mounts, weapons, transportation or helpful companions along the journey. Pets can wear special ability-boosting equipment and can learn a variety of skills over time. The game also offers eight crafting skills choices and allows players to pursue various professions.

The Loong game can be enhanced with value-added items that are purchased in the Dragan Market, including clothing, crafting skills, pets, armor, and weapon upgrades. Players can also cultivate friends, mentors and masters along the way who can provide helpful suggestions and strategies, as well as create teams to defeat bosses or dungeons too powerful to take down singularly.

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