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Lineage 2 was released by NC Soft a long time ago, so if you are just getting into Lineage 2 you are a little behind. This game does not have a lot of special features, but it is a good MMO to try out if you have not played MMOs a lot in the past.

You spend most of Lineage 2 grinding, so it can get very repetitive. For the first five or six quests you will enjoy the grinding quests and appreciate how fast they make you level, but after awhile it really gets old.

Then the game tries to switch things up by making you get ingredients for a feast, but you come to find out that you have to kill the same type of monster over a thousand times to get one of the ingredients!

Lineage 2 isn’t all bad, despite the endless grinding. The characters look real and are appealing to the eye. Female gamers will not appreciate this game nearly as much as male gamers because of how skanky the girls are.

Almost every female character’s armor in the game looks like a g-string, which is something NC Soft has used to keep young male gamers interested in Lineage 2.

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