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This MMO was added on: Feb 5, 2011
Updated on: Aug 14, 2012

Most MMO games that are out there are purely role playing games. The idea is that you create a character and mold him as you would a child growing up. You pick his skills and statistics and hope when he is level 30 or so, he is a finely tooled destruction machine.

The Land of Chaos Online game does this too, but it also adds elements of a real time strategy game like Starcraft to make it so now you can watch your hero lead nations of men under his control to slaughter their opponents and bring them to victory.

There are tons of things to do in the world that the Land of Chaos Online game offers you, from the average and expected such as PvP fighting, to the idea of earning enough in-game money to buy a previously inaccessible hero and starting over until you’ve worked your way through the hundreds of different types of characters that are there at the start.

Land of Chaos has a lot of new options that aren’t really seen in the MMO genre and it’s free so there is no reason to not give it a shot and try it for yourself.

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