How Rift can avoid typical MMO ennui

How Rift can avoid typical MMO ennui

Published on: Jun 7, 2012 at 16:00
Updated on: Jun 7, 2012 at 16:09
By TJSonntag | Get more infos about MMORPG Rift

At certain points in the life of an MMO, it can be helpful to evaluate how the game has evolved since release and whatever plans for the future that its developer might have in store. For Rift, we’re at about a year and a half into the game and the developers have already given us eight full patches of content with a ninth currently on the public test shard. This update looks a lot more like a full expansion than just a patch, which usually features only a few new quests or another instanced dungeon or raid.

The mentoring system, already in use by EverQuest II and Aion, will be coming in Patch 1.9 and will let players group up with newer characters and give them both a little extra content to play with. You will be able to adjust your level down to play with lower characters, but you can’t move your level up. This keeps the carrot of leveling firmly in front of all characters who haven’t yet dinged 50.

Instant Adventures will also be moving down in level, becoming available to characters at a much earlier stage in the game. These Instant Adventures offer a great opportunity for developers to keep stuffing in more and more content along the way, instead of just saving it all for max level toons and padding the end game.

Some of those features slated for the Storm Legion content update later this year will surely bring a new flavor to Rift, especially the feature that allows players to have their own personal sliver of a shard — that sounds a lot like Player Housing to us! Rift can take a page from Lord of the Rings: Online and Aion in this area, and allow players to gain access to crafting recipes that create decorations and furnishings, along with making those same items rewards from World Events.

Now, we’re not saying we want to see a sofa drop out of a Water Rift, but there are surely ways to bring the two concepts together and make each play off of the other. What do you think? Do you have any requests for Trion Worlds, or any suggestions for ways they can keep their content updated and equal to player expectations? Let us know in the comments, and your thoughts might be featured in a future editorial.

TJSonntag's gaming bio:
TJ Sonntag has owned various Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft consoles, most of which were purchased for an exclusive survival horror game or RPG. She has been playing World of Warcraft since July of 2006, as well as dabbling in several other MMOs such as Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings: Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. TJ has participated in the closed and open betas for Aion, Rift, and several WoW expansions. She also participates in several FTP MMO betas, and has been leveling a member of each Secret Society in The Secret World.


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