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Halloween World Event in The Secret World

Halloween World Event in The Secret World

Published on: Oct 19, 2012 at 13:47
Updated on: Oct 22, 2012 at 13:48
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

Ready to get your ghoul on in The Secret World? Stop by Madame Roget’s in Kingsmouth Town, even if you don’ t get the phone call from her. She’ll tell you what she’s seeing, and it’s not for the squeamish. Kittens, huh? Kittens.

The Mewling

Anyway, “The Mewling” is the investigation mission you’ll be given. Let’s start by checking out the picture on her table. As always, screenshot the images in the game, just in case they aren’t available when you need them through your journal. Next, look at the cat collar to get a read on one of Roget’s cats. You’ve got two clues, now: Andy’s cats are haunting his dreams, while Roget’s are digging up things better left alone. Let’s go to the cemetery. On your way out of the Raven’s Knock, you’ll get a second phone call.

Look for the Lore and you’ll see the cats. Your mission will update and you’ll get another call as soon as you walk away. Let’s go talk to Andy, who now has a “Kittens” dialogue option. Aha, Journey’s End, behind the B&B; that’s our next stop. There’s a rez point there, if you don’t feel like making the run.

Ponch, Dolly and Friday look a lot different from their picture, huh? Grab the lore, chat with Roget, and prepare to investigate the “thirteen are tied by their tongues” reference. Note that your journal says the 13 are on Solomon Island, not necessarily Kingsmouth. Hmmm… who do we know with a whole lot of cats?

If you guessed the Franklin Mansion in Blue Mountain, pat yourself on the back. Wilmouth is out on the porch to greet you when you arrive. The others are out back, behind the pool, in the crypt. Check it out to discover that we need to find a key in the mansion before we can enter. We’ve had to search for a key in this house before, and the secret room at the end of the hall still holds part of the answer.

A map inside shows the crypt circled and the phrase, “May the seven sisters keep her safe, now and in the year of her death.” Note the symbol drawn there. You’ll also get another Roget call, this time concerning a woman named Elena Zhelikhovsky and her “chatty spirit.” Who’s that? Elena and her friend Francine Sanders bought the Devore Mansion in the early 1920s; they both died in a car wreck in 1957.

So where is Elena buried? Google the “seven sisters” and you’ll find a reference to the Pleiades. You may also have noticed that you can interact with the pictures in the house; find the one upstairs of seven women and input the year of Elena’s death. Blamo, crypt key! Let’s go find out what’s inside.

Don’t worry when Incognito escapes the crypt, I’m sure we’ll be seeing him later. All the way in the back, a spectral woman cries over a bloody corpse, and Luke 1:19 is written in blood. There’s also an old spellbook here,  check it out while fielding Roget’s next call. Aha, so that’s why the corpse’s face is all mangled and bloody. Cat’s got her tongue. Note the other written materials here and the fact that we have a new mission to get Siabhra’s Air.

Check back in with me next week for the second half of this far-reaching mystery!

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