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Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Here !

Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Here !

Published on: Aug 28, 2012 at 19:37
Updated on: Aug 28, 2012 at 19:41
By Kit | More infos about the MMORPG Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars has finally arrived, which means that many of you may have jumped into the game already and have begun leveling your character. As you can see, ArenaNet put a lot of effort into making sure that players had plenty to do and wouldn’t become bored with the game anytime soon. With so many possibilities, you may be wondering what to do with yourself! How should you level? Where should you explore? What world events should you be looking to participate in? Let me help lay it out for you so that your head doesn’t explode from all the content that is now available to you!

Your Storyline

If you have already begun your storyline, you will notice that often there will be a recommended level that will be posted before you enter an instance. While this is not necessary, you will want to remain relatively close to it so that you can complete it without any major difficulties. Since your storyline doesn’t provide you with enough experience to keep up with these recommended levels, you will want to spend some of your time earning experience in other ways. There are some really fun methods of leveling up your character that we are going to talk about today.

Renown Hearts

Along your journey you will encounter many Renown Hearts. These require you to complete certain tasks in order to gain enough renown to fill the heart and complete the task. I have personally found this to be one of the most entertaining ways to level up because they grant quite a bit of experience and constantly provide you with new activities to play with. Try some of these out, not only will you be given experience for finishing them, but you will be awarded with money and karma.

Tip: As a little tip for players, if any of these Renown Hearts require you to kill creatures just run around and do a little bit of damage to creatures that other players are attacking. You will receive the same amount of renown as you would have if you had killed it yourself.

World Events

If a world event activates near to you, a message will flash across your screen. You will be able to find the exact spot that the world event is occurring by looking at your mini-map. It will usually appear as a large red circle with an icon in the center. These events are extremely entertaining because they constantly change and you get to participate in them with other players. Your reward is determined by how much you participate in the event. For example, if you got into the event right from the beginning and did a lot of damage to the boss, you would receive a “gold award”, giving you the maximum amount of money and experience for the event. This system is meant to keep people from just standing around in the event’s area without actually contributing.

One of my favorite events that I participated in already was this shark event near the beginning of the Asura starting zones. It just appeared in the water while I was trying to finish a Renown Heart quest. All of the players turned on it and began fighting because it would lash around and attack random people, so it was pretty awesome to get to watch the enormous underwater battle.

World vs. World PvP

You don’t need to wait for a certain level to participate in PvP, and you don’t have to worry about stronger players being able to just stomp over you. When you enter World vs. World PvP you are automatically turned to a level 80 character, putting you on even ground with other players. There are some interesting dynamics to World vs. World PvP, such as having to purchase siege weapons to topple towers and take over bases.

If you get into PvP early on you may find it quite amusing because nobody has the money to really purchase siege weapons, so players are forced to knock down gates with their own abilities. It was definitely interesting to spend 10 minutes knocking down a tower gate only to find a second gate right behind it. There were quite a few nerd ragers!

World vs. World PvP is an excellent source of experience as well. You will earn experience for killing enemy players, reviving allies, conquering bases and towers, and much more! You can even find plenty of creatures wandering around that you can kill for experience, although these won’t award you any Glory or Karma.


In Guild Wars 2, you receive experience for exploring new areas, so if you are one of those types of players who will see something cool and go chasing after it, you can receive a reward for being easily distracted! For the explorers out there who like to check out the environment that the game developers have created, you can check out all of these zones without wasting any time because of the experience gained. You can earn your gold through this message by gathering resources along the way, which are quite abundant in areas that most players never visit.


Hopefully this has given you a few ideas and has kept your head from bursting all over your computer. Feel free to check back in for more Guild Wars 2 articles that will be published on a bi-weekly basis. With a whole new world to adventure in there will be plenty for us to cover!

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