Florensia update details released


Florensia update details released

Published on: August 6, 2011 at 11:00
Updated on: Aug 4, 2011 at 14:21
By TJSonntag

Florensia Online



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A new major content update is being planned for Florensia in which pets will be getting new combat, attack, defense and healing skills, among other changes. Alaplaya announced that the update will also include an attendance system and another Harbor Occupation War for players to participate in.

The attendance system is planned to reward dedicated players for their time in the game. By checking in with a town manager, gamers can earn experience point bonuses and other buffs to improve game play and efficiency. The Harbor Occupation War, which has been in the game previously, is coming back with large-scale PvP events on land and sea in several of the Florensia main cities and harbors.

Check out the official website for this free to play, naval-inspired MMO. The game is played from within the web browser so there’s nothing to download or update. Alaplaya is the name behind other great games like S4 League, ARGO Online and Forsakia, the Lost Clans.

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