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Florensia is a free-to-play MMORPG that features a unique dual-leveling system: One for land and one for sea. The game offers four character classes — Explorer, Noble, Mercenary, and Saint — each with their own set of skills. At level 40, players can choose a second class. The at-sea experience allows players to create and customize their own ships, battle enemies and monsters, and complete ocean-based quests. Players can level their characters on land and their ships on the sea.

The game showcases well-executed, colorful 3D graphics, with an expansive world and sea map. Players will find a typical MMORPG leveling system in place, gaining experience through questing and battling enemies. Land combat has a point-and-click system in place, while sea combat requires keyboard use. Players can socialize with other players by forming parties and joining guilds. The game even features a PvP — Player vs. Player — system where players can battle other players, parties, or guilds.

The Florensia Online game is free to download and play, requiring the use of real money only for premium items; players can purchase Alaplaya Points to spend on items in the Florensia Item Shop. The game contains 3 servers, and players can create up to 5 characters per server. Florensia promises an entertaining gaming experience for online gamers of any skill level.

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