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This MMO was added on: Nov 30, 2011

EverQuest II was originally released in 2004 by Sony Online Entertainment. It is now free-to-play with an optional subscription plan, and has had a total of seven expansions over the years. The eighth expansion, Age of Discovery, has been revealed. While originally a PvE-focused game, EverQuest II now also has PvP features.

This MMORPG is based, of course, on the original EverQuest franchise. Both games focus on many of the classic RPG and MMORPG characters, worlds and elements we are most familiar with. Characters in EverQuest II, for example, can be Good, Neutral or Evil. There are a total of 19 races to choose from, each having a set morality. There are 13 class archetypes to choose from and 24 total classes. Players can also choose a tradeskill class in order to craft.

Questing, dungeon exploring and endgame raiding are all central to EverQuest II. There are many different difficulties and types of group content. Because of this, guilds are important. There is an in-game voice chat system to assist players during grouping. There is also a player mentoring system players can use to help friends level. Players are also able to enjoy a housing system and a dungeon finder.

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