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Unlike the many swords-and-sorcery MMORPGs available, EVE Online takes its inspiration from science fiction instead of fantasy. This far-future universe is massive; the EVE Online universe currently encompasses more than 7,500 star systems linked by stargates. One of the more venerable online games, EVE has been available since 2003.

Players start as one of four races, each with three bloodlines. They’re given a starter ship and learn their way around the New Eden universe in a thorough tutorial. Upgrades come not from a traditional MMORPG leveling system, but from purchases and from training skills, a passive process that happens over time even while a player is logged out.

The universe of EVE Online is a varied and sometimes dangerous one. PVE threats are only some of what players must face; PVP and piracy are dangers in all but the most settled sectors, but the richest rewards often hide in the most dangerous sectors of space. EVE’s economy is almost exclusively player-driven. In the real world, EVE costs a monthly fee in addition to the game’s purchase price; in the game’s realm, players can earn millions of ISK. Players can also buy in-game items from game developer CCP.

EVE Online offers a vast and sometimes lawless universe to players bold enough to brave it.

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