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Early Healing Build for The Secret World

Early Healing Build for The Secret World

Published on: Oct 13, 2012 at 20:00
Updated on: Oct 15, 2012 at 13:54
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

One serious issue with The Secret World is its class imbalance. What I mean by that is that with only a few abilities to taunt and add hate, any build can tank. However, putting together a healing build often means sacrificing your own dps, and that makes soloing your missions a real pain.

To help ease new players into healing, I have created a good entry level build that will allow you to heal Polaris and Hell Rising, the first two dungeons in the game. You can put this build together with only 60 AP, so you can re-run a couple of old missions or run Polaris once as a dps to gear up. Invest your points in Blood and Fist, and choose the following abilities to slot.

Active Abilities

  • Blood Shield (Blood)
  • Angelic Aegis (Blood)
  • Open Vein (Blood)
  • Nurture (Fist)
  • Pack Leader (Fist)
  • Hematic Rites (Blood)
  • Cardiac Arrest (Blood)
  • Blood Spike (Blood)

Passive Abilities

  • Rapid Shield (Blood)
  • Angel’s Touch (Blood)
  • Coagulation (Blood)
  • Nurturing Gift (Fist)
  • Alpha Wolf (Fist)
  • Lick your Wounds (Fist)
  • Your Choice

The Synergy

Your primary builder of Blood resources is Blood Shield, while Nurture builds Fist resources. All other actives are consumers. Angelic Aegis drops a big heal on your target, and also applies a barrier to absorb more incoming damage. Open Vein is a chain dps ability that build resources for both weapons. Pack Leader buffs your party, lowering the chance of glancing hits. Hematic Rites is an AoE barrier spell. Cardiac Arrest is a heavy-hitting impair ability, and Blood Spike provides some up-front damage with a DoT component, applying the “Afflicted” state to your target.

On the passives, Rapid Shield boosts the effectiveness of your barriers while Angel’s Touch causes the Aegis spell to heal more on targets with less than 50 percent health. Coagulation also increases your barriers’ effectiveness. In the Fist tree, Nurturing Gift increases the HoT duration of Nurture, while Alpha Wolf allows you to use Pack Leader more often. Lick Your Wounds adds a self-HoT component to all of your dps abilities. For your final ability, you can choose something to play off of your Afflicted or Impaired effects. For example, Dark Potency will boost your Penetration Rating whenever you use Blood Spike. If you have a few extra points, invest in Renewal. This will apply a HoT to anyone attacking a target you have hit with Cardiac Arrest. You could instead choose Omen, which boosts your barriers after you apply the Impaired effect.

Obviously, you’re going to want to fill your Talisman slots with those that add Heal Rating. For Glyphs, look to those that boost your Crit Power and Rating. Once you have about 20 percent  Crit Rating, you can start stacking all Crit Power exclusively.


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