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The progenitor of all fantasy games was the original paper-and-pencil roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons. The venerable franchise made its way to an online market with Dungeons and Dragons Online in February 2006. Although the game was originally a pay-to-play venture, it has since become free to play. Subscribers who choose to pay get a VIP status that confers rewards each month.

Turbine Entertainment put the online version of Dungeons and Dragons through extensive changes from the tabletop version. DDO uses the 3.5 rules, but operates in real time rather than the turn-based system that tabletop gamers have to employ. Spell points rather than spell slots make wizards and clerics more viable in a faster-paced real-time game. Players who want a taste of the ancestral roleplaying game can try Dungeons and Dragons Online, but should remember that the game is heavily adapted.

Longtime MMORPG players will recognize the classes available in DDO. While not every alignment is available–player characters cannot be evil–the eleven playable classes will be familiar to fans of the real D&D. Players can dual-class or multi-class their characters without penalty, allowing for creative solo and group gameplay.

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