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This MMO was added on: Nov 29, 2011
Updated on: Dec 1, 2011

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Dragonica Online is a unique side scrolling 3D MMORPG with solid gameplay and a steady fan base. Dragonica Online stands out from other free to play MMORPG games with its unique and beautiful 3D art style and highly playable side scrolling action play style. This game has smooth game mechanics that combine a traditional side scrolling action game with RPG concepts and group play to create something different.

The Dragonica Online game offers four classes to start that eventually split into one of two specialization paths per class. Dragonica’s side scrolling approach does best when played entirely with a keyboard and comes with a simple step by step tutorial to help new players get the hang of the control scheme when they start. Questing in Dragonica is designed to be simple to access and understand, with a wide variety of mission options for both individuals and groups. Monetization is done through an optional cash shop, similar to what most free MMORPGs offer.

Overall, Dragonica Online looks deceptively simple for the level of interest and depth that many players end up getting out of it. For someone looking for an unusual free game with a great art style and interesting play mechanics, Dragonica won’t disappoint. Many players will either love this game or hate it, but either way it delivers something interesting.

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