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Crossing the Black Path in The Secret World

Crossing the Black Path in The Secret World

Published on: Oct 26, 2012 at 19:10
Updated on: Oct 28, 2012 at 19:21
By TJSonntag | More infos about the MMORPG The Secret World

So when we left off, we had just finished The Mewling and received a new mission: Crossing the Black Path. Our objective is to find a way to get Siabhra’s Air, and if you’ll remember, the book that mentioned this item also had “write to Annapurna, on backorder?!) jotted along the side. Okay, so that’s probably a shop, then, and while Google reveals that there are several restaurants of this name world-wide, we’ll start in London.

You’ll find the Annapurna grocery between Pagan Hill and Coal Walk in the southern part of the map.  Upon arriving there,  you’ll note the open laptop — it wants a password. “Best olives EVER!” probably doesn’t mean much to you, but a quick browse will reveal a brand name that works.

Before we go any further, pull up your screenshot of that book with the Rending the Veil Chant and take note of the pertinent clues. “Holy Stone of Dawn,” ancient spirits, Siabhra’s Air, and the word “sidhe” jump out immediately. Sidhe is a Gaelic word, pronounced “she,” and it means “of the fae” or faeries. Siabhra is another word for faeries, too.

Check the blend with the relevant name and learn that it’s made from seeds “chewed to destroy fair Boadicea,” capon’s tail and maiden’s watcher of the road. The first herb is a bit tricky, as you might be distracted into trying to discover the type of poison that Boadicea willingly took to commit suicide. However, the recipe is actually calling for the seeds chewed by the Romans who defeated her — that’s fennel. You used to be able to buy it from Nazeem, but since he’s not taking calls, we’ll go right to the Gardens to pick it up. The next term is a folk name for valerian, bought from Anrezej in Bucharest, while the last part means chicory, purchased from mama Abena at the House of Chalk. Andrezej’s email address bounces back, in case you’re curious.

Okay, so we’ve got a fair bit of traveling to do. Let’s start with the House of Chalk, which is conveniently located right behind you. Buy your chicory and move on. Next, you’ll need fennel, so head off to the City of the Sun Guard and find the Corrupted Gardens. You can /reset to the Juncture rez point for faster travel. You’ll find the Phaorah’s Fennel growing in places here and there, so nab some and bail quick.

Finally, we need some valerian. To find it, look in the Siren’s Lake area of the Shadowy Forest. Once you have all three herbs, use the crafting window to combine them into the Siabhra’s Air material. Now we’re ready to take off for Blue Mountain, where we’ll pray at the Wabanaki Sacred Site as soon as you get the message that your skin is tingling. While praying, open your inventory and use the Air; a portal appears!

You’ll have to turn in the mission and then jaunt back to Roget to pick up The Cat God before you enter the portal.  Check back in next week for the final part of the Samhain holiday content here in The Secret World!

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