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This MMO was added on: Nov 30, 2011

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While complex games can be, sometimes it is nice just to sit back and PvP without the stress of knowing if you have the better gear or the right talent tree. The MOBA Bloodline Champions is all about skill because in this game there is no experience, levels, or gear. It is all about how well you can fight in the arena without relying on imbalances or various advantages to help you win.

As most MMO players know, there are four main types of characters in just about any game, Bloodline Champions not being an exception. These include the tank, the meelee Dps, the ranged Dps, and the healer. With each type of character there are five Bloodline characters you can choose to play as. Each character does things in their own way, but players can easily adapt to the way each character fights. Stunlock Studios has done a great job with this game, and although it isn’t the best game out there, it is definitely worth a try for those players that enjoy PvP. This game became available on January 13, 2011, so you late-comers better hurry up and start playing!

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