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Blacklight: Retribution is the expected sequel to the popular MMO Blacklight: Tango Down. With how much success Tango Down had, Retribution is expected to bring in thousands of players upon its release.

With Retribution being a free game, many fans are excited to experience what Zombie Studios has to offer to the gaming world.

Blacklight: Retribution is set in a Sci-fi world like ithe original Blacklight game, but with a lot more added features to make this game a huge improvement over Tango Down. One of the big changes is the fact that when you kill a player you receive experience and currency. When you level up from receiving enough experience you can put points into a skill tree to allow you to customize your character.

With currency however, you can buy new armor and weapons to further your character’s customization making youself truly unique. Another amazing feature this game has to offer is the way that you can customize your gun.

Players will be able to customize every single part of their weapon – the scope, clip, barrel, etc. – which puts this game on a whole new level. Players will have to decide how they will kill their opponents before the battle even begins, making the strategy involved with Retribution monumental!

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