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Avalon Heroes is a tactical real time strategy game that pits player armies of up to 100 people against one another in real time battles. The game also features a single player quest style scenario mode that functions as a player versus environment way to explore the game’s background and story. Avalon Heroes offers seven different game world maps for players to fight one on one or army against army or defeat difficult boss monsters with friends.

The Avalon Heroes game offers pvp matches that consist of teams of one to five players going head to head against each other to capture an opposing base. Each match usually lasts about an hour, with unlockable content and rewards for winning matches and advancing in the game. While the huge selection of heroes each side can choose from leads to balance issues that may put off some gamers, overall Avalon Heroes offers a solid pvp environment and an interesting single player option.

Avalon Heroes presents a simple but effective interface and detailed environments that keep the game visually interesting for quite some time. While this game may not appeal to everyone, the unlockable skill system and leveling and experience system make it a fun experience for both new players and gaming veterans alike.

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