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This MMO was added on: Apr 26, 2011
Updated on: Feb 19, 2012

Argo Online is an MMORPG set on a future war-torn Earth. Already popular in South Korea, Argo Online began North American open beta in early April 2011 and should go gold later in the year. The game’s art owes something to post-apocalyptic fiction and to steampunk, but also draws heavily on slick, stylized Asian MMORPG art.

Players get to choose between the Floresslah faction–a nature-loving community that strives to be at one with the earth–or the Noblian faction. Noblians prefer to shape their environment to their will rather than shape themselves to their world; their gear looks decidedly more mechanical. Both factions have eight classes available to them, although the look and skills of the classes vary between factions. The class system incorporates a good mix of pure classes and hybrids; players who gravitate to any play-style should be able to find a suitable match.

Argo Online features a strong character creation system, rich ambient music, and voice acting throughout major scenes. Argo is free to play despite these premium touches that usually go with pay-to-play games. Even in its beta stage, the game has detailed environments and an expansive game world. Argo will feature PVP and PVE after its official release in North America.

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