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Allods Online game is a stunning new entry into the rapidly growing MMORPG marketplace, from Gpotato, the worldwide leader in FREE internet gaming.

Allods Online thrusts users into the brilliantly realized world of Sarnaut, a land torn literally asunder by war and the destructive forces of the elements themselves. Players must choose to battle for either the noble League, lead by the great Aidenus, or the ruthless Empire, lead by the zealous mage Yasker, in a quest to re-unite and uncover the vast secrets of this shattered world.

Upon entering Allods Online, players are asked to select one of three races unique to each faction, (Kanians, Elves or Gibberlings for the League, Xadaganians, Arisen or Orcs for the Empire) and a class for their character. As they accept and complete quests from the locals, progressing through each of the beautiful and distinct zones, players will grow in power and knowledge, facing increasingly difficult challenges, and eventually gain the right to build their own Astral ship, setting sail for the farthest allods and the treasures they may hold.

Allods Online game is completely free to play and available for download now

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