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Aion Online puts the “massive” in massively-multiplayer online roleplaying games. With millions of subscribers and multiple servers, Aion offers busy, but not crowded game worlds. After purchasing or downloading the boxed edition, visit the Aion web site to download the free expansion, Assault on Balaurea. Aion is a pay-to-play game; its cost is similar to that of other premium MMORPGs.

Players who venture into Aion Online will find a beautifully realized, but sundered world. The world that Aion created, Atreia, is broken in two. The Elyos, followers of the Seraphim Lords, live in the light in the magnificent city of Sanctum. Adherents of the Shedim Lords, the ember-eyed Asmodians live in the icy reaches of Pandaemonium. Players choose their world and faction–Asmodae or Elysia–and one of the four basic classes. As a character develops, he or she chooses one of two specializations within a class. The factions war amongst themselves and against the Balaur. The most evolved beings become Daeva, winged warriors with the power of flight.

Aion features six crafting specialties and eight playable classes. The end-game focuses heavily on player-versus-player combat in the Abyss. The game has been available in North American regions since the last quarter of 2009. South Korean developers release Aion: Assault on Balaurea a year later in September 2010.

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