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This MMO was added on: Nov 29, 2011

et to release in 2011, publisher Snail Game add another entry into the MMO mix with the Age of Wulin game. Unlike the typical fantasy setting of other popular MMOs, Age of Wulin takes place in n ancient China with a mythological twist. Adventurers must take up the call of the Wulin; martial arts heroes with sense of duty, honor and righteousness but most importantly, mercy.

Taking place hundreds of years in the past, Age of Wulin has an established background in lore for players to immerse in. Brave players, trained in a choice of one of eight different schools of Kung-Fu, must defend ancient China with wit and hand to hand skill. Age of Wulin notably abandons the concept of character level, opting for a system of skill progression instead. Players can choose to excel in some skills while abandoning other. This allows for quite a bit of character flexibility when designing a Wulin warrior. Players with a passion to prove their worth can show their talent in championship tournaments between other players. PVP combat is fast paced with over 20 instances for parties to explore.

With over 20,000 quest and player housing, Age of Wulin offers plenty of content for everyone.

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